THEY may be barely out of their teens but Kendal band Postilion are, in their own words, ‘aiming high’.

“We seem to be at a stage where there’s a lot of quiet music around, and we need a band to kick off a loud one – we want to be that band,” the quartet said.

The four lads found each other among many Kendal College music students through ‘a process of elimination’.

“We wanted to start a band but we weren’t sure what kind – we had one practice and gelled together from the beginning.

“We all had the same aspirations and the drive that it needs.”

The band said what makes them unique is their four different styles – a funky bassist (Chris), a heavy metal drummer (Connor), a desert rock guitarist (Jack) and a dance-influenced singer (Kieran).

Everything about the group is built on being unique, down to their unusual name, which means a second rider to the Queen’s carriage.

“We loved the fact that it’s different and eye-catching,” they explained, “plus it’s very British-sounding and being a British band is important to us.”

And ‘unique’ is also how they describe their debut single ‘Clockwork’ - set to launch at a special gig at Passions, Kendal, tonight.

“We’ve incorporated the lyrics into the music so when a word is said the music will reflect it – the idea is that it mingles together like clockwork.

“We’ve put a lot of effort into it and that’s typical of all our songs – they all have meanings behind them.”

Although Postilion say they thrive most on stage, they’re set to spend a lot of time in the studio with plans to record an EP ‘on the cards’.

The next year will also see them heading on a European tour and starring in their own documentary, which is set to premiere at an indie film festival.

“The film is going to look into what we’re about – it’s harder for bands to kick off these days in the digital age and with an economic crisis going on.

“It’s about what we do and what we think other bands should do - a lot of bands are thinking about money and we need people who put their heart and soul into their songs.”