AFTER several successful European and overseas tours in 2017 and 2018 the Chamber Philharmonia Cologne returns to the UK with a powerful and fresh programme and several shows pencilled in across the region.

Performing a diverse range of works from Antonio Vivaldi and his famous La Tempesta di Mare to work by Mozart, Francois Borne and Camille Saint-Saens, the German ensemble plays Kendal Parish Church, tonight (Thursday, 7.30pm).

‘Classical music the world over’ is the mighty motto of the Philharmonia.

Whether the talented musicians are playing in a small village church, in the open air, in Cologne Cathedral or in the Sydney Opera House, their enthusiasm to play music is the same every time.

They just want to inspire as many people as possible across all generations to enjoy classical music.

The German ensemble’s message must be working, reflected in the fact that CPC gives around 300 concerts a year around the globe.

Chamber Philharmonia Cologne was founded in the city whose name its bears: Cologne. A city well known throughout the world for its University of Music and its musical and instrumental teaching.

Since November 2009, the Chamber Philharmonia Cologne has had a special partner at its side: the Mercedes-Benz Centre in Cologne. As part of a creative cooperation, the world renowned company, via its branch in Cologne, supports CPC by providing the globe trotting players with a tour bus to get about on and travel quickly and comfortably to the many varied concert locations.

In return, Chamber Philharmonia Cologne, organises special concerts for the car company’s special customers.

As a result, the remarkable Mercedes-Benz Centre is apparently transformed into a top class concert palace.

Tickets are available at Kendal Tourist Information Centre, 26-28 Finkle Street, or on 01539-725139.