Out Of The Tunnel’s Mouth - Steve Hackett

Out today (October 6) is a new album from Steve Hackett, the former guitarist from Genesis, who has forged a successful solo career since leaving the band in the mid-1970s.

Genesis fans remember Hackett for ethereal guitar breaks on epic tracks like Firth Of Fifth and his underplayed but gorgeous fretwork on albums like Wind And Wuthering.

Since then there have been many other highlights - I’d recommend you to download Spectral Mornings, for example - as Hackett has explored a variety of musical styles, including jazz and classical.

That eclectic mix is evident on Out Of The Tunnel’s Mouth, a satisfying album recorded with friends including Anthony Phillips and Chris Squire, in a studio built in Hackett’s home.

The opening track Fire on The Moon will delight any Hackett fan - gentle yet keening, it also includes one of those spine-tingling guitar solos for which he is so famous.

Nomads and Emerald And Ash continue the mellow tone but Hackett is not afraid to let rip on this album, on tracks like Still Waters and Tubehead.

Another fine track is the mellow, eight-and-a-half minute-long Sleepers, which has a Mike Oldfield feel to the guitar playing.

The vocals on this album are unlikely to knock you out but the musicianship is awesome.

Hackett is about to head out on a British tour - there are four or five tracks here that you would defintiely want to hear him play live if you went to one of shows.