POST-punk dance rockers Hexed Hands are The Westmorland Gazette’s Band of the Month for April - and you can watch them in action right here!

The three-piece formed a little over a year ago at Kendal College, which is proving to be a hotbed for exciting musical talent, and take their inspiration from artists ranging from The Clash to Elvis Costello to The Futureheads.

“Everything good or bad has an influence on what we do and how we write,” says frontman Jahn Teetsov, who adopts the moniker of Lex Hex as his stage name.

He is joined by Jordan 'Jord Dane' Gelling, and Jon 'Dawsea' Dawes.

Lex Hex was born and raised in America and moved around a great deal while growing up, living on both US coasts, the midwest, and also in Naples, Italy for a while.

Jord comes from and still currently lives on Barrow Island, while Dawsea was also raised in Barrow and currently lives on Walney They believe in hard work and regularly play gigs in the area as well as writing new songs at every opportunity.

Lex says: “Most recently we've been doing live recording sessions with Paul Satterthwaite at Kendal College. We're in the process of mixing an EP, or possibly an album since we have enough material. We've been giving away four-song demo samples of our music at our shows.

“We've recently headlined at the Forum 28, in Barrow, and played at the last Monster Monster event, in Furness, plus a Super Sunday Service event, which is held in Kendal at the end of every month.

“Our busy schedules and day jobs prevent us from gigging as often as we might like but we're trying. We have an upcoming gig at the Yorkshire House in Lancaster on April 18, and at the Blue Room in Blackpool on May 27.

“We formed in Kendal and think it would be nice to play Kendal Calling or put on a small tour to get the word out.”

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