A KENDAL man has made it his personal mission to get ‘80s pop legends Kajagoogoo back into the charts.

Steve Conley, 36, teamed up with fellow fanatic Steve Yeo, 38, of Blackpool, to breathe a fresh lease of life back into the British five-piece's career.

Kajagoogoo sprung into the spotlight during the early 80s with their number one hit single ‘Too Shy’ which attracted them an international fan base.

It was a record which reached number one in 23 countries.

However, in the ‘90s Kajagoogoo experienced a number of ‘bust-ups’ and their popularity took a nosedive.

But the enthusiastic Mr Conley and Mr Yeo plan to turn that all around and get the band from Leighton Buzzard back into the big time.

The pair have set up a fans’ website boasting more than 40,000 hits in six months and have embarked on a two-man mission to get Kajagoogoo's first single in more than two decades, featuring all five original members, in the charts again.

Mr Conley said he first approached the band about releasing a new track after speaking with many fans who were eager to hear some fresh material. He then approached the band's agency and they decided to release Death Defying Headlines.

They have sent the single to 300 radio stations, with the song being ‘bigged up’ on Radio Two and being played on nearly every local radio station across the country.

Mr Conley, who works as a software tester in Lancaster, said: “It's a massive compliment really for the band to let us promote them.

“There has been so much positive reaction with fans posting on the site from America, Germany and Poland.”

He said to get the new track into the download charts they only need around 4,000 people to buy it. Everything could hinge on this. I think the band are waiting to see if this works and if it does then they may look into planning a tour,” said Mr Conley.

“But I think there are loads of fans internationally who really want this to work, so they're all getting behind it.”

He said the new track echoes the band's former style with a heavy bass but also has a ‘fresh modernist’ feel.

“I’ve seen the band play live five times now and they are phenomenal musicians and that is a huge part of what inspires me to continue.

“This is very much a labour of love,” said Mr Conley.

For more information visit the website below.