THE PRIMITIVES - Echoes & Rhymes

LED by iconic singer Tracy Tracy, The Primitives burst onto the scene back in 1988 with their epic burst of punk-pop Crash.

And judging by their latest album, they have lost none of their original charm.

Reforming following the death of their bassist Steve Dullaghan, the band has produced a fantastic Sixties-tinged long player which grabs the listener and doesn’t let go.


THERE will be people who like this album, but I’m not one of them I’m afraid.

It is barely listenable with complete chaos the only way to describe each and every track.

Brick sounds like a nightmare, while Ducks makes you feel queasy.

It might be fair to say that I do not understand nor appreciate experimental modern jazz, but I would happily challenge 8 out of 10 people to listen to this and call it music.

THE SCHOOL - Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything

THIS lovely second album from Welsh indie-pop band The School is hard to resist.

It’s full of the joys of summer, with twee female vocals, guitars and occasional Inspiral Carpets style organ are all in the mix.

Picture listening to the soundtrack of Juno while cycling on a tandem bicycle with your best friend and eating strawberries and ice-cream, and you’ll be close to imagining how this sounds.