IT'S THAT time again - the weekly Westmorland Gazette round-up of some of the latest CD releases!


Fans of Bruce Springsteen and American indie rock will love this fourth album by one of New Jersey’s finest acts.

Singer Brian Fallon’s soulful voice and a powerful rhythm section help to make these carefully crafted songs about love, growing up and loss sound like instant classics.

Songs such as 45 and the title track would not sound out of place on an album by The Boss himself, and there’s no greater compliment than that.


Oh dear - that was my initial reaction when the review copy of this album by Britain’s answer to Justin Bieber arrived in the office.

But, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be - don’t get me wrong, it’s not something I would ever listen to again, but musically there are some nice R’n’B sounds on here and you can’t deny Can’t Say No is very catchy, despite its cringeworthy ‘Houston, I think we got a problem’ lyrics.

I am clearly not the target audience for this kind of thing, but teeny-boppers the world over will love this.

VANGELIS - The Collection

As the world’s attention is focussed on the Olympic games, the man behind one of sport’s most iconic songs showcases his skills on this enchanting compilation.

Vangelis wrote the Chariots Of Fire theme tune, plus countless other timeless pieces for films such as Blade Runner, 1492: Conquest of Paradise and Alexander, all of which feature here.

One of the greatest electronic music composers of all time deserves this fitting tribute to his ability.