IF you have looked at our horrific photographs of quicksand rescues and thought ‘I could get myself out of there’, you would be wrong.

As your feet sink and the quicksand solidifies to hold you in its vice-like grip, any smartness turns to terror.

I know this first-hand because I volunteered to become ‘stuck’ in the Bay to demonstrate how rescue teams such work to free those in danger.

I was only submerged up to my ankles and was not at any real risk, but as my feet disappeared a sense of panic still rose inside me.

I assumed I would be able to wiggle myself free, and tried with all my strength to heave my legs out. I was not going anywhere.

My feet were completely trapped and had I been truly stranded I would have continued to sink until my lower body, if not more, became completely paralysed by the quicksand.

To add to this, if I had been out at high tide, and not had the assistance of a rescue team, the water would have engulfed me within minutes.

I had the opportunity to experience only a fraction of the fright associated with the Morecambe Bay sands, but I know how important it is to spread the safety message as far as we can.

If you are in stuck in the sands:

  • Sit down or lie flat to spread your weight and stop you sinking further
  • Dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard, or try to attract someone’s attention so they can make the call
  • Try not to panic
  • Follow instructions as issued by rescue services