TO be honest, I had never watched any Stephen K Amos material before rocking up at last night’s gig.

Had this been the case, my laughter lines would be significantly deeper – the guy is a comedy genius.

Not knowing what to expect made the night at the Brewery Arts Centre even better, because the constant two-hour chuckle took me by complete surprise.

The Malt Room – which Amos described as a ‘dungeon’ - made for the perfect venue for what was an extremely personal show.

‘Pillar Boy’ (the poor guy who picked the seat right behind the pillar at the front), Richard and Jordan, who were both out for a night with their dads, young couple Hannah and Thomas and the Lord Mayor (an older chap in a woolly jumper), played a major part in the evening and Amos really excelled when the audience became his comedy subjects.

At other such events however I have been concerned that I would become that one, picked from the crowd. More worryingly, I always expect my other half to draw attention to himself because he would not give a monkeys what anyone thought. I do.

However, I was so much more relaxed last night because I did not care if I was under the spotlight. Amos jibed with the crowd in a way that was purely funny, not nasty.

He also spent the vast majority of the evening mocking Kendal and Cumbria, and laughed himself whilst we tried to explain single-track trains to him. It really was a two-way amusement and he seemed to appreciate a good heckle.

Above all, ‘The Spokesman’ show had underlying social and cultural issues which were hinted at in between the mick taking, and it really made you think.

If you want the opportunity to laugh at yourself, your home town, and pretty much every group of society, make sure you go and see Amos on his continuing work-in-progress tour.

He will be at The Beggars Theatre, Millom, tonight and The Forum, Barrow, on Saturday.