ENTERPRISING students at the Lakes School are creating allotments to let out to the gardeners of Windermere.

Led by sixth former Tiree Withers, the youngsters have planted hedges and are about to build a shed on the land at the back of the school grounds.

They aim to let out around a dozen plots and use the money to fund further projects.

The group already grow vegetables in the school’s garden borders, and have planted fruit bushes donated by Windermere Food Group as part of its ‘Fruity Windermere’ project.

Tiree works with another sixth former, Imogen Brown, and Year 8 student William Smith, with the help of teachers Carly Pearson and Michelle Storton.

Their efforts have been hailed by green campaigners Windermere Reflections whose project officer Debbie Binch said that they were an inspiration.

“It’s so good to see young people with ideas about sustainable living doing something like this for their community,” she said. Tiree, who plans to study marine biology at Bangor University after taking a gap year, said: “I’m really interested in conservation and sustainability.

“We want to plant some bee-friendly plants and would welcome donated cuttings.

“The area is going to be pesticide free to keep it as environmentally friendly as possible.”

More information regarding the renting of the allotments will be released at a later date.