A DOCUMENTARY about Bownessie, the legendary monster of Windermere, has been shown on prime time television in Canada.

The TV show, Destination Monstre, was part of a series called Boogeymen which explored myths and legends around the world, including the Californian abominable snowman known as Bigfoot, and a monster that lives in the fiords of Norway.

It includes interviews with Steve Burnip, the journalist who took the first photos of a “creature” in the lake in 2006, along with people who have had close encounters, including Thomas Noblett of the Langdale Chase Hotel, and scientist-sceptics.

MORE TOP STORIES: It was made by CMJ productions of Montreal who spent several days filming in the Lake District last year. There are plans to show the programme on American TV.

The programme also features the giant toy monster developed by Windermere businesswoman Naz Craig, who said: “There has been such a lot of interest in the Scottish monster, Nessie, for many years, and it is really good that our own Lake monster is gaining international recognition.”