VISITORS wanting to spend a penny in a Lake District village have spotted a wee problem with public toilet signs.

The conveniences in Chapel Stile have a new sign which has caused some amusement among locals.

The sign indicating the direction of the gents and ladies’ toilets completely contradicts those at the entrance of the building.

Ben Price, owner of The Good Life Cottage Company, said: “It’s been the source of mild mirth. The locals have a good idea of where to go but for visitors it’s a lottery. I don’t know how much confusion it’s caused because, thankfully, I don’t spent that much time standing outside public toilets!”

Lakes Parish Council clerk Michael Johnson said: “It’s just the way the sign was made. To save expense we thought we’d just go with it.

“The sign is there to let people know it’s a public toilet. Around the back we have put clearer signs up.”