A GROUP of 17 Japanese dry stone wallers travelled half way round the world to train with the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain at the national training site at Crooklands.

Fourteen took the Dry Stone Walling Association Craftsman Qualifications and all passed with flying colours. The UK qualifications are internationally recognised as the benchmark of craftsmanship in dry stone walling and nothing similar is available in Japan.

Training and Education Co-ordinator for the Dry Stone Walling Association, Linda Clarkson said: “We are thrilled that our Japanese visitors have travelled so far to take the Dry Stone Walling qualifications. We regularly send Dry Stone Walling Association Trainers and Examiners to the USA and Canada but it is the first time we have had so many Japanese come to the UK to take their test. Dry stone walls are part of our heritage, especially here in Cumbria, but you never think that they also play an important part in a culture on the other side of the world.”