A LORRY scraped a pub wall as it tried to overtake a two car collision on the A6.

A white Vauxhall Corsa and a black 4X4 crashed into each other at the Church Street and Beetham Road junction on the A6 near Milnthorpe at 8.40pm on Saturday, November 29.

Shortly after, a white HGV attempted to drive around the crash site but made contact with a wall of the Cross Keys Inn.

Eyewitness Kevin Rushforth said: "I was watching TV and I heard a bump. I thought it was something and sure enough the cars were there in the road.

"Then the big wagon tried to get around it and it ripped the lights off the wall of the pub.

"The rear wheels of the lorry on the side of the pub were up in the air."

An employee of the pub, who wished to remain anonymous, confirmed it had caused 'minor damage'.

Nobody was injured in the incident and all vehicles were cleared from the scene by 10pm.

In respose to this article, many local residents have complained about the junction.

South Lakes MP has written to Cumbria County Council asking for improvements to be made.

He said: "I write to represent my constituent with regard to the traffic lights at the crossroads (Cross Keys) in Milnthorpe.

"Many residents have had cause to complain about the dangerous lack of any delay in the changeover of the traffic lights at the junction.  No sooner has the north/south light gone red, than the east/west light goes green, leaving no delay whatsoever and risking serious accidents.  There have already been prangs and numerous near misses.

"Please can you adjust the timings to allow some delay between the changeover?"