WHILE everyone is making New Year resolutions to cut the calories, one Kendal woman is on a mission to pile on the pounds.

Sarah Weldon has already put on four stone in preparation for her 3,000-mile row around the British mainland, and now she is working on bulking up further by binging on fatty foods.

Despite being a novice, the 39-year-old will become the world's first solo rower to embark upon the challenge in May, which will see her out on the water 15 hours a day for up to 14 weeks.

But before then it is five months of intensive "hardcore" training, mental health conditioning and plenty of ice cream for the adventure enthusiast.

"I've had to put four stone on," said Sarah, who will follow routes used by the Vikings to row around Great Britain. "Things are already awkward - it's harder to tie my shoe laces and it just feels uncomfortable."

Sarah has spent the last 18 months piling on the pounds by doubling her portion sizes and indulging in more cream and ice cream than ever before, plus cookies and a hot chocolate before bed.

"I'm now 45 per cent body fat but I will be using 7,000 calories a day at sea. It's the quirkiest diet I've done!"

The former neuropsychologist will wear state-of-the-art physiological monitoring equipment including a pair of Google glasses as part of her work as CEO of educational charity Oceans Project, which uses its website to teach children about the ocean.

Thousands of youngsters will be able to track her every moment online between May 28 and September 14.

But first Sarah will be speaking about her experience of putting on weight, learning how to row and the key to survival in a land tour around Britain.

The What Not to Eat at Sea tour will encompass The Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, the Southbank Centre in London and Kendal Town Hall.

Sarah has even been testing the waters of public speaking by taking part in stand up comedy shows.

She added: "I'm pushing myself mentally! I'll be talking about how you can't eat a fish in a survival situation because there's too much salt and superstitions like it's unlucky to have a banana on board!"

For more information about the row, tour and charity visit www.oceansproject.com