The huge scale of fly-tipping in Blackpool has been highlighted by new figures showing the resort suffered 47 per cent more cases of dumped rubbish than anywhere else in Lancashire.

Last year there were 9,536 reported incidents in the borough, which cost a massive £341,642 to clear up.

The figures, published by the Countryside Alliance, show that Blackpool encountered 2,980 more recorded cases than the next worst-hit area, Preston, which had 6,556 incidents.

However, Blackpool Council said that the problem was no worse than anywhere else and it was its strict method of recording which had pushed up the figures.

A National Fly-tipping Awareness campaign took place this week as part of the Countryside Alliance's national Fly-tipping - Scrap it' drive.

Richard Dodd, the Countryside Alliance's north of England regional director, said: "This is clearly a problem across both urban and rural landscapes around Blackpool and, as such, is everyone's problem.

"Many people believe that fly-tipping is something they can get away with and that the victim is faceless.

"This is nonsense. By fly-tipping on public land, the council is liable for clearing it up, meaning that the taxpayer picks up the bill.

"Fly-tipping is illegal, is ruining our environment and we would all rather our council tax went on schools and neighbourhood safety rather than clearing up the rubbish."

A recent poll also found that 74 per cent of people believe fly-tipping is a bigger abuse of the countryside than poly-tunnels, light pollution or wind farms.

In Fylde in 2006, there were 321 instances of illegal dumping to sort out costing £19,015 while in Wyre there were 1,951 cases landing council tax-payers with a £115,333 bill.

Paul Taylor, head of street scene in Blackpool, said: "Unlike many other authorities, Blackpool Council has a dedicated team which responds to fly-tipping.

"Our figures are high because we record every single incident in Blackpool, including individual dumped black bags of rubbish.

"It isn't that we have more fly-tipping it's just that we have a far more robust recording system than most other councils."

Incidents of fly-tipping can be reported to Blackpool Council on 01253 477477, Fylde on 01253 658657 and Wyre on 01253 477477.