I read the letter about libraries by L. Boswell, Kendal (Letters, August 27, ‘Service is unpredictable’).

I share Mr Boswell’s concern. However, after asking why the library may be found shutting early or the computers are ‘playing up’, I was told that the county council offered early retirement to library staff across the county and at the same time put a stop on new recruits.

As a result the staff you see there now is all that there is available. So, when a staff member suddenly goes ill or goes on leave, there is not enough staff available, and so the library shuts early.

I have never had a reason to complain about the service that the staff can provide. Problems with the computer are due to the centre from where they are run.

I understand that Nicky Morgan, Education Minister, has stated he wishes every eight-year-old enrol at their local library.

It is important that people like Mr Boswell continue to use all the services available at the library and so support the staff available, because if the people of South Lakes do not, the county council will be given the excuse to shut it.

Also Mr Boswell could write to Diane Wood, Chief Executive, Cumbria County Council; email diane.wood@cumbria.gov.uk.

Nicholas J. Stainforth