A POPULAR food company has gone to extreme lengths to create 'the perfect meat'.

Udale Speciality Foods have imported 2,000 pink salt blocks from Pakistan's Himalayas to help with the ageing process for their renowned Cumbrian beef, pork and lamb.

The salt blocks are put together to form a 25sq metre cold room, which acts as a state-of-the-art natural refrigerator more commonly associated with the production of Parma ham.

It acts to suck the moisture out of the air so the meat can dry naturally, improving the taste.

According to the Director of Udale Speciality Foods, Ian Udale, they are the only company using such a technique on a commercial basis anywhere in the country.

Typically, the meat is aged for 28-35 days and is sold to high-end, gourmet venues around Cheshire and, recently, The Wild Boar, on Crook Road, Windermere, have begun using the products.

For more information on Udale Speciality Foods, based in Morecambe, visit www.udale.com