I notice Kendal Library is currently closed on Sundays due to staff shortages. I fear this is the thin edge of the wedge and before long opening hours on others days may well be reduced.

Finance and how to balance budgets is an ongoing problem for our councils and public services often suffer as a consequence. However, I feel that with a little bit of forethought and forward planning the library could be saved from such a fate.

In many of our towns and cities bookshops and libraries have a cafe, where prospective purchasers/borrowers can peruse books at their leisure over a cup of coffee. These cafes benefit both parties to the agreement - the franchisee gets an almost guaranteed stream of hungry customers and the building owner gets the rent.

Why not consider opening up Kendal Library to such a scheme? It is a large building, much of which could be reorganised to provide suitable accommodation for such an enterprise. For example, the Local Studies area could be re-housed in County Hall, along with the other archives, all the computers could be put together, freeing up space.

If this idea was to go ahead we would have a more streamlined library with a regular income which would help to keep it afloat for many years to come.

L. Robson