A RANGE of scientific technologies will be used later this month to delve deeper into the story of a Furness castle and 'see beneath the soil.'

A geophysical survey is to be undertaken at Gleaston Castle, from April 25 to 29, following a successful project last year, when a detailed photographic survey recorded remains at the important historic site near Ulverston.

The work is a collaboration between the Morecambe Bay Partnership and the University of Central Lancashire student field school and members of the local community are invited to get involved.

A geophysical survey is a long-established archaeological technique which records and maps differences in the soil and underlying geology. This non-intrusive method of archaeological survey allows a picture to be established of what may be buried beneath the ground, without putting a trowel in the soil or causing any disturbance to the site.

Louise Martin, Cultural Heritage Officer for the Morecambe Bay Partnership, said: "The aerial photographic survey funded by the Castle Studies Trust revealed a number of features within the castle walls, which could be building foundations. We are intrigued to find out more and it is hoped that the geophysical survey will provide more information about this poorly understood but unique and important site."

Dr Richard Peterson, of UCLAN, said: "We run a field school for our students each year, providing training in the application of a range of geophysical survey methods, including magnetometery, resistivity and ground penetrating radar. We are really excited to be involved with Morecambe Bay Partnership to gather more information about the castle and hopefully add to the site’s intriguing story."

Gleaston Castle is a nationally protected Scheduled Monument and Listed Building and due to its ruinous condition is not accessible to members of the public. Special permission to access the site and undertake this survey has been provided by the landowner’s and Historic England.

Due to the condition of the castle ruins, only those who have booked a place on the survey days will be provided with access to the site.

Survey training is essential to secure a place - see www.morecambebaypartnership.org.uk for more details.