TWO neighbours have put their skills to the test to create a miniature model of a popular Eden monument.

Ian Taylor, 71, and Nick Binney, 65, teamed up to recreate the Appleby High Cross, which dates back to the 17th century.

The Appleby High Cross forms part of the Boroughgate thoroughfare, which links Appleby Castle and St Lawrence's Parish Church.

Along with the Appleby Low Cross – which is an 18th century copy – the High Cross marks the end of the thoroughfare. It bears the inscription 'Retain your Loyalty, Preserve your Rights'.

Mr Taylor, a former plant operator, took up wood turning as a hobby approximately 15 years ago. It was his idea to have a go at making the replica monument.

"I have been going past it for 71 years and I thought: 'One of these days I'm going to make one' it's just always intrigued me," he said. "So I thought I would see my neighbour Nick and see if he would help and we have done it together.

"I'm delighted it's taken pride of place in my sitting room. Eventually we hope to put it on show in the town."

Since taking up wood turning, Mr Taylor also helped found the Eden Valley Wood Turning Club which currently has around 20 members.

He then enlisted the help of his Station Road neighbour Mr Binney, a former self-employed goldsmith, to complete the metal works and lettering on the model.

"I used to be on the local council and both my parents were mayors of Appleby so I thought it was a nice thing to do," said Mr Binney.

"I'm retired now and Ian just asked me so I said: 'Yes I'll help'.

"It went very well, Ian was really pleased with it. It turned out really nice."