LUNESDALE Show at Underley Park was hailed a great success by president Philip Pease.

Mr Pease, a former agricultural student, said he had learned more in an afternoon than in three years at university.

“The day has been brilliant. I just love to see the local community coming together for something like this,” he said.

A 10-month-old British Blue and Limousin bull – Jameson J – owned by eight-year-old Matthew Benson, from Ulverston, was supreme champion in the cattle class. It was praised by the judges for its good locomotion and legs.

Stephen, Matthew’s father, said: “I am very proud. A lot of hard work has paid off.

“We would like to thank Joe Walker and Peter Fell for helping to get them (cattle) ready.”

A Suffolk ram owned by Richard Batty, of Selside, won the supreme champion in the sheep classes, while the top bird in the poultry tent was a black German Langshan owned by Kevin Hebblethwaite of Garstang.

There was a great variety of stalls with producers displaying products, including honey, chocolates, meats and preserved goods.

Several charitable organisations were also present, including the Rotary Club of Lunesdale, which was collecting donations towards its long-standing campaign to eradicate polio from the world.

The club actively supports the international campaign, begun in 1985, to eradicate the crippling and highly infectious disease from the world.

Members put on display an iron lung, loaned from the Rotary Club of Eden, which was used to maintain breathing following paralysis.

Meanwhile, a ‘Justice for Mazza’ social media campaign has been launched after an exhibitor at the show failed to receive a winning rosette – despite her flower entry being the only one in its class.

Mary Smith, 60, of Hornby, was disappointed to discover her mixed flowers in a bowl exhibit had only received a second placed card although there was no other competition in the category.

She was marked down by the judges because there did not appear to be more than one type of bloom in her bowl - but her supporters claim there were two and are demanding re-mark.

The hashtag ‘justice for Mazza’ has been all over Facebook and her supporters point out that despite entering numerous categories at the Kirkby Lonsdale show, Mrs Smith has yet to win.

Her daughter, Jess, said: “We were joking about it on the way over, saying: ‘What if somehow you managed to come second or third in a one horse race’. It would have been more understandable if she had been disqualified. We were thinking of saying something to the judge but decided that she’ll just try again next year. She did see the funny side to it!”

Cups and Trophies


Wyatt Rose Bowl, overall supreme champion: M Benson. The William Airey Memorial Perpetual Challenge Cup, best calf young handler: J. Walker. The Semex Trophy, champion calf: M Benson. Colonel Ogden Cup, best animal, homestead within five miles of KL Parish Church: B Shuttleworth. Vale of Lune Harriers Cup, best animal, breeder whose land VOLH permitted to hunt: B. Shuttleworth. The Brian Huntington Cup, champion Limousin: B Shuttleworth. The Helsington Trophy, champion British Blue, M Benson. The Hutton Crag Trophy, champion commercial beef: M Benson. Westmorland Veterinary Trophy, champion beef: M Benson.


Robert Gibson Cup, overall supreme champion: R Batty. Underfell Trophy, champion group of three: R. Batty. A Bainbridge Trophy, most points: A&L Huddleston. The Devil’s Bridge Trophy, champion, young handler: Grace Elliot. Mrs Ogden Cup, best sheep, bred by and in hands of breeder, homestead within five miles of KL Parish Church: W Peill. Sir Frank Pearson cup, champion Blueface Leicester: Alice Wilkinson. Mrs Boyd Cup, champion Mule: D Lawson. Paget-Tomlinson Cup, champion Teeswater: C Gibson. Teeswater Sheep Breeders Association Trophy, champion Teeswater, bred by exhibitor: C Gibson. AP Bickersteth Cup, champion Rough Fell: B Knowles. Lunesdale Cup, champion Masham: M Fawcett. Dalesbred Cup, champion Dalesbred: JM Wilson & Sons. Ciba-Geigy Cup, champion Texel: J Robinson. T Atkinson Cup, champion Swaledale: GJ Taylor. ES Hartley Cup, best aged Swaledale ram: GJ Taylor. The Anems Cup, champion Suffolk: R Batty. The Newcroft Shield, best breeders group of Suffolks: J Airey. Leven Valley Agriculture Trophy, champion Beltex: Ellie Jennings. Scott & Wilkinson Trophy, champion Zwarbles: RJ Heigh. Heatheram Trophy: champion Shetland: N Turner. Greenholme Perpetual Trophy, champion, Native Primitive: MB & HR Platts. Naval & Military Trophy, champion Herdwick: IK & AM Grisedale. Lunesdale Cup, champion Hampshire Down: Hazel Hindmarch.


Lunesdale Cup, champion Mountain & Moorland Pony: Emma Boardman. President’s Cup, mini-champion Mountain & Moorland pony: Lilly O’Sullivan. Sir Frank Pearson Cup, champion Shetland pony: J Woods. E&T Haykin Perpetual Challenge Trophy, best Shetland yearling, colt/filly: M Thompson. The Hutton Trophy, junior champion, Shetland pony: S Nicholson. The Philip Pease Memorial Perpetual Challenge Cup, champion show pony: Ellie Kirkbride. Colonel Paget-Tomlinson Cup, champion, Fell & Dales: A Dickinson. JR Holt Cup, best colt/filly foal, Fell & Dales: G Richardson. Williams Simms Bowl, champion riding horse: Alistair Prickett. Kevkar Miss Bouncer Cup, winner, nursery stakes: George Osmond. Wilkinson Memorial Shield, champion agricultural horse: CD Braithwaite. The Shire Horse Society Silver Spoon, best mare/filly Shire horse: E Shuttleworth. Parkwood Stables Trophy, champion, Private Driving: Sue Noreci. Peter Patrick Memorial Trophy, winner Equitation: Laura Holley.

Sticks and Crooks

Champion Stick Trophy: RW Cannan


Best Large Fowl: S Ormrod. Best Waterfowl: K Hebblethwaite. Best True Bantam: G Thornton. Best Bantam, hard feather: P Burns. Best Bantam, soft feather: K Hebblethwaite. Best Ancona Bantam: K Hebblethwaite. Best Rare Breed: G Thornton. Best Junior, under 8yrs: Zara Clough. Best Junior, 9-16yrs: Olivia Robinson. Best Egg: G Taylor. Best Egg contents: N&E Horrocks. Best Breeding Pair: K Hebblethwaite. Best in Show: K Hebblethwaite. Reserve Best in Show: K Hebblethwaite.

Home Industries. Handicrafts - J Pailthorpe Trophy, most outstanding exhibit in show: Anne Hensby. Challenge Trophy: Anne Hunter. Mr & Mrs RT Gibson Trophy: K Helme. Bainbridge Trophy: Anne Hensby.


Lunesdale Trophy classes 20-22: Rosie Nutter. Lunesdale Trophy classes 23-25: N Mason.

Children’s Handicrafts. T Mason Rose Bowl, best exhibit: Kara Woods. Lunesdale Trophy, best exhibit: Elizabeth Swainson. The Burrow Trophy, most outstanding exhibit: Elizabeth Swainson. Perpetual Trophy, most points: Elizabeth Swainson.

Roots and Cut Flowers. Silver Trophy, most points: ME Brown. Barbara Park Trophy, three pom pom Dahlias: ME Brown.

Floral Art. Trophy, most points: Charlotte Thompson. Trophy, best exhibit: J Ferguson.

Produce. Silver Trophy, most points: Val Lawson.

Children’s Produce. Nelson Cup, most points: Charlotte Thompson. Taggie Robinson Trophy, best exhibit: Rachael Fell.

Lunesdale Agricultural Show - Results

Cattle. Best Young Handler, 12yrs but under 16yrs: 1 Joe Walker; 2 Peter Fell. Best Young Handler, under 11yrs: 1 Matthew Benson; 2 Joshua Kirkby; 3 Lucy Kirkby. Limousin - best heifer under 3yrs: 1 IK & AM Grisedale. Best bull, any age: 1 B Shuttleworth; 2 I&G Sedgwick. British Blue - best calf under 1yr, shown by Young Handler: 1 Matthew Benson. Best heifer under 3yrs: 1 Matthew Benson. Any Other Beef Breed - Best bullock, any age: 1 Joe Walker. Best heifer, any age: 1 IK & AM Grisedale.

Sheep. Young Handler - 4-8yrs: 1 Grace Elliott; 2 Maddy Watson; 3 Faye Henson. 9-12yrs: 1 Willen Platts; 2 Charlotte Elliott; 3 Owen Airey. 13-16yrs: 1 Aaron Troughton; 2 Ruby Allen. Suffolk. Ram lamb: 1&2 J&C Airey. Gimmer lamb: 1&2 J&C Airey; 3 B Lawson. Shearling Ram: 1 R Batty. One-shear Gimmer, not fed for butcher: 1&2 R Batty; 3 J&C Airey. Stock ewe, suckled lambs this season: 1&2 J&C Airey. Best breeders group: 1 J&C Airey. Blueface Leicester - Ram lamb: 1 H Huddleston; 2&3 PD & PJ Ellis. Gimmer lamb: 1&2 PD & PJ Ellis; 3 G Fairburn. Shearling ram: 1 H Huddleston; 2 PD & PJ Ellis; 3 R Raw. One-shear Gimmer: 1 H Huddleston; 2 PD & PJ Ellis; 3 R Raw. Stock ewe, suckled lambs this season: 1&3 H Huddleston. Mule - Shearling/Stock ewe: 1,2&3 P Elliott. Gimmer lamb: 1&3 W&D Lawson & Son; 2 WA & GR Sedgley. Pair Gimmer lambs: 1 NJ & L Allan; 2 W&D Lawson; 3 WA & GR Sedgley. Teeswater - Ram lamb: 1&2 R Dawson; 3 AR Barker. Gimmer lambs: 1 R Dawson; 2 Gibson & Berry; 3 AR Barker. Shearling lamb: 1 R Dawson. One-shear Gimmer: 1&3 Gibson & Berry; 2 R Dawson. Stock ewe, suckled lambs this season: 1 Gibson & Berry; 3 R Dawson. Masham - Gimmer lamb: 1,2&3 M Fawcett & Sons. Pair of Gimmer lambs: 1&2 M Fawcett & Sons. Pen of 5 Gimmer lambs: 1 M Fawcett & Sons. Rough Fell - Ram lambs: 1 TLB & J Knowles; 2 A&H Watson; 3 A Harrison. Gimmer lamb: 1 TLB & J Knowles; 2 A&H Watson; 3 A Troughton. Shearling ram: 1 A&H Watson; 2 A Harrison; 3 A Troughton. Aged ram: 1 A Harrison. One-shear Gimmer: 1 A Harrison; 2 TLB & J Knowles; 3 A& H Watson. Stock ewe, suckled lambs this season: 1&3 TLB & J Knowles; 2 A& H Watson. Dalesbred - Ram lamb: 1 C Fawcett; 2 JM Wilson & Son; 3 C Fawcett. Gimmer lamb: 1 JM Wilson; 2&3 C Fawcett. Shearling ram: 1 JM Wilson & Son; Aged ram: 1 JM Wilson & Son. One-shear Gimmer: 1 JM Wilson & Son; 2&3 C Fawcett. Stock ewe, suckled lambs this season: 1 JM Wilson & Son. Texel - Gimmer lamb: 1&2 J Robinson; 3 W&S Peill. Ram lamb: 1 J Robinson; 2 W&S Peill; 3 J Lawson. Shearling ram: 1&3 W&S Peill; 2 Messrs Ladds. Aged ram: 1 Messrs Ladds; 2 W&S Peill. One-shear Gimmer: 1.2&3 J Robinson. Stock ewe, suckled lambs this season: 1 Messrs Ladds; 2 J Robinson. Swaledale - Ram lamb: 1 A&L Huddleston; 2 GJ & L Taylor; 3 SR Taylor. Gimmer lamb: 1&2 A&L Huddleston; 3 JH Pedley. Shearling ram: 1 A&L Huddleston. Aged Ram: 1 GJ & L Taylor; 2 JH Pedley; 3 A&L Huddleston. One-shear Gimmer: 1&3 A&L Huddleston; 2 SR Taylor. Stock ewe, suckled lambs this season: 1 A&L Huddleston; 2 GJ & L Taylor; 3 JH Pedley. Hampshire - Ram lamb, trimmed/untrimmed: 1&2 H Hindmarch; 3 S Miles. Gimmer lamb, trimmed/untrimmed: 1&2 H Hindmarch; 3 S Miles. Shearling/older ram: 1 H Hindmarch; 2&3 J Craig. One-shear Gimmer: 1 J Craig; 2 S Miles; 3 H Hindmarch. Stock ewe, suckled lambs this season: 1 H Hindmarch; 2 J Craig; 3 S Miles. Herdwick - Ram lamb: 1 IK & AM Grisedale; 2 N Race; 3 H Dickinson. Gimmer lamb: 1 H Dickinson; 2 IK & AM Grisedale; 3 N Race. Shearling ram: 1 H Dickinson; 2 F Brennand; 3 N Race. Aged ram: 1 IK & AM Grisedale; 2 F Brennand; 3 H Dickinson. One-shear Gimmer: 1 F Brennand; 2 H Fawcett; 3 H Dickinson. Stock ewe, suckled lambs this season: 1 H Dickinson; 2 F Brennand; 3 IK & AM Grisedale.Beltex - Ram lamb: 1 M&E Jennings; 2 W Ellison; 3 J Edmondson. Gimmer lamb: 1 W Ellison; 2 M&E Jennings; 3 B Thompson. Shearling/aged ram: 1 J Edmondson; 2 B Thompson; 3 M&E Jennings. One-shear Gimmer: 1&2 M&E Jennings; 3 W Ellison. Ewe, suckled lambs this season: 1 B Thompson; 2&3 M&E Jennings. Zwartbles - Ram lamb: 1&2 R&J Lambert; 3 M Beckwith. Gimmer lamb: 1 RJ Heigh; 2&3 R&J Lambert. Shearling/aged ram: 1 E Kitching. One-shear Gimmer: 1&2 R&J Lambert; 3 M Beckwith. Ewe, suckled lambs this year: 1 M Beckwith. Shetland - Ram lamb: 1 H&A Greenfield; 2 B&J Watson; 3 J Preston. Gimmer lamb: 1 B&J Watson; 2 J Preston; 3 J Holden. Shearling/aged ram: 1 R Mason; 2 NJ & M Turner; 2 B&J Watson. Shearling ewe: 1 NJ & M Turner; 2 B&J Watson; 3 H&A Greenfield. Ewe, suckled lambs this season: 1 NJ&M Turner; 2 J Preston; 3 Tyson & Simpson. Fat lambs - Pen three fat lambs, most per kilo: 1 J Edmondson; 2 B Thompson; 3 S Fell. Primitive Sheep - male Shearling or older ram: 1 MB & HR Platts; 2 CG & KE Heeley; 3 J&A Lane. Shearling, female: 1 CG & KE Heeley; 2 E&C Steel; 3 D Sumner. Ewe, suckled lambs this season: 1 N Fecitt; D&M Harrison; 3 CG & KE Heeley. Ram lamb: 1 D&M Harrison; 2 D Sumner; 3 E&C Steel. Grimmer lamb: 1 MB & HR Platts; 2 D&M Harrison; 3 DS Sumner. Any Other Breed - Male Shearling and upwards: 1 M Benson; 2 E McCann; 3 E Tattersall. Female Shearling and upwards: 1 E McCann; 2 V Watson; 3 M Benson. Ram lamb: 1 M Benson; 2 E McCann. Gimmer lamb: 1 V Waton; 2 M Benson.

Horses. Open Mountain & Moorland Ponies. Registered yearling, 2/3 yrs, gelding/filly: 1 Vicki Brooks; 2 Lauren Newsham-Wood. Lead rein, less than 122cms: 1 Samantha Taylor; 2 T Paul; 3 Molly Metcalfe. Open first ridden, less than 128cms: 1 Lily O’Sullivan; 2 James Barnes; 3 Emma Benson. Open ridden, registered pure bred Dartmoor, Exmoor & Shetland ponies riders any age: 1 Lily O’Sullivan; 2 Thomas Barnes; 3 Olivia Taylor. Open ridden, registered pure bred Welsh A&B ponies, riders any age: 1 Emma Benson; 2 Will Richardson; 3 Demi Watson. Open ridden, registered pure bred Welsh C&D ponies, riders any age: 1 Emma Boardman; 2 S Barker; 3 Dannii Thexton. Open ridden, registered pure bred New Forest, Conermara ponies, riders of any age: 1 Katie Fyfe; 2 Nikkita Guy; 3 Samantha Airey. Open ridden, registered pure bred Fell, Dales & Highland ponies, riders any age: 1 Emma Boardman; 2 Sophia Lightbown; 3 Julie Robinson. Stallion/colt, more than 2 yrs: 1 Lynda Bond. Geld mares/geldings, more than 4 yrs: 1 J Woods; 2 J Nicholson; 3 S Nicholson. Mare with foal at foot, more than 4 yrs: 1 E Simmonds; 2 Annabelle Pethybridge. Foal shown with dams: 1 Tina Pethybridge; 2 E Simmonds. Fillies/geldings, 2/3 yrs: 1 S Nicholson; 2 Annabelle Pethybridge; 3 Miss K Welsh. Yearling colt/filly/gelding: 1 M Thompson; 2 Michelle Fisher. Mare/Stallion with two of their progeny or three ponies by same sire or out of same mare, two progeny to bear same prefix and shown in hands of breeder: 1 Nicholson. Miniature pony, less than 34 inches: 1 Mark Scott; 2 J Woods; 3 Gracie Dakin.

Fell & Dales. Registered brood mare in foal/foal at foot: 1 A Dickinson; 2 H Robinson; 3 C Parker. Registered colt/filly foal: 1 H Robinson; 2 A Dickinson; 3 G Richardson. Registered yearling or 2 year old colt/filly/gelding: 1 G Richardson; 2 Jane Brain. Registered geld mare/gelding, more than 3 yrs: 1 Juliet Huddleston; 2 Hannah Mary Stewart; 3 Anne-Marie Blenkarn.

Agricultural horses. Yearling or two year old colt/gelding/filly: 1 Dawn Watson; 2 Glenys Dodd. Brood mare with foal at foot: 1 E Shuttleworth; 2 Glenys Dodd. Colt/filly foal: 1 E Shuttleworth; 2 Glenys Dodd. Barren mare/gelding, more than 3 yrs: 1&2 CD Braithwaite; 3 Glenys Dodd.

In hand breeding. In hand 1,2, 3 yrs: 1 Fiona Kidd. In hand, more than 4 yrs: 1 Lyndsay Russell; 2 Jennifer Bowman. Coloured horse & pony. Ridden pony, less than 148cms: 1 Ellie Kirkbride; 2 Vicki Brooks; 3 Anna Metcalfe. Ridden horse, more than 4 yrs and 148cms: 1 Clare Edwards; 2 Abigail Gresty; 3 Judith Park. Coloured horse/pony in hand, any age: 1 Carys Outram; 2 Arthur Harvey; 3 Jenna Crayston.

Private driving. Exercise vehicles and harness: 1 Susan Noreci; 2 Edward Chapman. Singles, pairs or tandem - concourse D’Elegance: 1 Brian Lund. Cone driving obstacle course: 1 Susan Noreci; 2 Edward Chapman. Horses more than 4 yrs: Ridden fancy dress - mounted on horses/ponies, all ages: 1 Wonderland (Crazy Gang Bowmans); 2 Cruella Deville (Holly Croskell); 3 Star Wars (Gracie Dakin). Local Rider, less than 14 yrs: 1 Laura Holley; 2 Georgie Osmond; 3 Shania Crayston. More than 14 yrs: 1 Domino Phillips; 2 Amber Stock-Hutton; 3 Mollie Smith. Cobs/riding horse/hunters (Open). Hunter mare/gelding, ridden: 1 Alasdair Prickett; 2 Abigail Gresty; 3 Victoria Wilson. Riding horse, more than 148cms, ridden: 1 Dannii Thexton; 2 Debbie Kitching. Weight carrying riding cob, less than 155cms, ridden: 1 Dannii Thexton; 2 Domino Phillips; 3 Lesley Blogg. Show ponies. Lead rein: 1 Emily Bowman; 2 Matthew Abba. First ridden ponies, mare/gelding: 1 Emma Benson; 2 Emmie Outram; 3 Lucy Benson. Show pony championship. Pony mare/gelding, more than 4 yrs, less than 148cms: 1 Ellie Kirkbridge; 2 Olivia Taylor; 3 Charis Knipe. Intermediate show riding type pony mare/gelding: 1 Hollie Mackay; 2 Lauren Molland.

Open show hunter pony. Lead rein pony, less than 122cms: 1 Samantha Taylor; 2 S Davis; 3 Scarlett Brass. Ponies, between 143cms and 153cms: 1 Emily White; 2 Marianna Stephenson; 3 Charis Knipe. Ponies, between 133cms and 143cms: 1 Emily Gaynor-Smith; 2 Harriet Dennison. Ponies, between 122cms and 133cms: 1 Molliemae Jeffrey; 2 Lydia Brass; 3 Carys Outram. Pony not exceeding 122cms: 1 Olivia Taylor; 2 Georgia Kirby; 3 Meara Knipe. Intermediate show, between 148cms and 158cms: 1 Georgiana Foster; 2 2 Ashleigh Hale.

Working hunter. Mixed height novice less than 158cms: 1 Alex Gaynor-Smith; 2 Molliemae Jeffrey; 3 Ashleigh Hale. Ponies, less than 133cms: 1 Georgie Osmond; 2 Alex Gaynor-Smith; 3 Thomas Barnes. Ponies more than 133cms but less than 143cms: 1 Alex Gaynor-Smith; 2 Scarlet Pye; 3 Courtney Baldwin. Ponies between 143cms and 153cms: 1 Phoebe Mallinson; 2 Ashleigh Hale; 3 Charis Knipe. Open intermediate between 148cms and 158cms: 1 Emily Myerscough; 2 Leah Chough. Cradle Stakes, ponies less than 122cms: 1 Emmie Outram; 2 Teigan Langhorn. Nursery stakes, ponies less than 133cms: 1 Georgie Osmond; 2 Erin Kopydlowski; 3 Molliemae Jeffrey. Working hunters open for horses more than 152cms: 1 Alasdair Prickett; 2 Lauren Newsham-Wood; 3 Susan Hodgson. Heritage M&M novice ponies, less than 122cms: 1 Emmie Outram. Heritage M&M novice ponies, between 122cms and 133cms: 1 Amelia Hemmingway; 2 Harriet Dennison; 3 Thomas Barnes. Heritage M&M novice ponies, between 133cms and 143cms: 1 Sarah Drake; 2 Courtney Baldwin; 3 Nikkita Guy. Heritage M&M novice ponies, less than 143cms: 1 Morgan Pearce; 2 Samantha Airey. Mixed height novice, working hunter ponies: 1 Vicky Brooks; 2 Harriet Dennison; 3 Georgie Osmond.

Show Jumping. Round 1 - maximum 80cms, Ponies: 1 Laura Holley; 2 Tilly Conder; 3 Annie Parker. Horses: 1 Amy Conder; 2 Eleanor Day. Maximum height 1m, Ponies: 1 Charis Knipe; 2 Amy Conder; 3 Susan Hodgson. Horses: 1 Tilly Conder; 2 Annie Parker.

Stick and Crooks. Shepherd’s Crook, plain horn head: 1,2&3 RW Cannan. Shepherd’s Crook, natural head, one piece: 1&2 RW Cannan; 3 DM Earl. Shepherd’s Crook, mixed wood: 1&3 DM Earl; 2 RW Cannan. Walking Stick, plain horn head: 1,2&3 RW Cannan. Walking Stick, natural head, one piece: 1 DM Earl; 2&3 RW Cannan. Fancy Stick/Crook, horn head: 1,2&3 RW Cannan. Fancy Stick/Crook, natural head: 1,2&3 R Taylor. Ladies Stick, horn/natural head: 1 R Taylor; 2&3 RW Cannan. Thumb Stick, horn/natural head: 1&2 RW Cannan; 3 R Taylor. Matching Pair, His and Hers, any material: 1 DM Earl; 2 RW Cannan; 3 R Taylor.

Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling. Under 9yrs - Girls/Boys: 1 Philip Hall; 2 Ellie-Ann Stainton; 3 John-Lucas Stainton. Under 11yrs - Boys: 1 Edward Robson; 2 James Dickinson; 3 Ted Hodgson. Under 12yrs -Girls/Boys: 1 Matty Hodgson; 2 William Hindmarsh; 3 Rosie Hodgson. Under 17yrs - Girls: 1 Gemma Caulthaud; 2 Rosie Hodgson; 3 Ellie-Ann Stainton. Under 18yrs - Boys: 1 George Wilson; 2 Ted Hodgson; 3 Edward Robson. Under 13 stones - Men: 1 G Brocklebank; 2 B Brocklebank. 3 J Dickinson. All weights - Men: 1 S Wilkinson; 2 B Brocklebank; 3 T Hodgson. All weights - Ladies Open: 1 C Hodgson; R Hodgson; G Caulthaud

Poultry. Large Fowl, any variety heavy breed, soft feather male/female: 1 H Fawcett. Any variety light breed, soft feather male/female: 1 S Ormerod. Crossbred laying hen: 1 N&E Horrocks. Large fowl, any variety breeding pair: 1 G Thornton. Rare breed any variety, male/female: 1&2 G Thornton. Waterfowl - Call Duck/Drake: 1&2 K Hebblethwaite. Any other variety, Duck/Drake: 1 L Lancaster. Bantams Hard Feather. Old English Black/Blue, male/female: 1 S Ormerod. Old English Spangle, male/female: 1&2 RJ Brown. Old English Game, Black Red, Dark Red Wheaton, Clay/Partridge, male/female: 1 C Macdonald; 2 S Ormerod; 3 RJ Brown. Old English Game, any other colour, male/female: 1 P Burns; 2&3 C Macdonald. Modern Game, any colour male/female: C Macdonald; 2&3 S Ormerod. Old English Game, Cockerel, any colour 2016 bred: 1&3 P Burns; 2 S Ormerod. Any variety breeding pair: 1 S Ormerod.

Bantams, Soft Feather- Wyandotte Barred male/female: 1 K Hebblethwaite. Wyandotte AOC self, male/female: 1&2 J Maddock. Wyandotte White, male/female: 1&2 J Maddock. Wyandotte Black, male/female: 1&2 J Maddock. Wyandotte Self colour, male/female: 1&2 J Maddock; 3 K Hebblethwaite. Leghorn, self colour male/female: 1.2&3 G Thornton. Ancona, male/female: 1&2 K Hebblethwaite. Sussex, male/female: 1 J Benson; 2 K Hebblethwaite; 3 S Ormerod. Rhode Island Red, male/female: 1,2&3 J Benson. Rock, any other colour, male/female: 1&2 K Hebblethwaite. Pekin, male/female: 1 K Hebblethwaite; 2&3 J Benson. Silkie, male/female: 1,2&3 K Hebblethwaite. Dutch, male/female: 1&2 d Bentham; 3 K Hebblethwaite. Belgian, male/female: 1,2&3 K Hebblethwaite. Rosecombe male/female: 1&2 G Thornton. Any other variety, True Bantam, male/female: 1&2 K Griffiths; 3 K Hebblethwaite. Any other variety, soft feather, not classified above: 1&2 K Hebblethwaite; 3 D Bentham. Any variety, soft feather Bantam Cockerel 2016 bred: 1 G Thornton; 2 K Hebblethwaite; 3 K Griffiths. Any variety, soft feather Bantam Pullet 2016 bred: 1 G Thornton; 2&3 B Hebblethwaite. Bantam soft feather, any variety breeding pair: 1 B Hebblethwaite; 2 G Thornton; 3 K Griffiths. Junior Class - Age 8yrs and under, Large/Bantam, any variety male/female: 1&2 Zara Clough; 3 Lynne Freeman. Age 9-16yrs, Large/Bantam, any variety male/female: 1,2&3 Olivia Robinson.

Eggs. Three waterfowl: 1&2 C Bennett; 3 GC Taylor. Hens - Three brown: 1&2 GC Taylor; 3 C Bennett. Three tinted: 1 B Hebblethwaite; 2 GC Taylor; 3 NE Horrocks. Three eggs, any other colour: 1 C Bennett; 2 GC Taylor; 3 Lynne Freeman. One, supreme: 1 B Hebblethwaite; 2 GC Taylor; 3 D Bentham. One, contents: 1 B Hebblethwaite; 2 E Lancaster; 3 GC Taylor. Bantams - Three, brown: 1 D Bentham; 2 N&E Horrocks; 3 C Bennett. Three, tinted: 1&3 D Bentham; 3 C Bennett. Three, any other colour: 1&2 GC Taylor; 3 N&E Horrocks. One, supreme: 1 E Smith; 2 D Bentham; 3 GC Taylor. One, contents: 1 N&E Horrocks; 2&3 B Hebblethwaite. Three, different colours: 1 N&E Horrocks; 2 E Smith. Six, any one colour: 1 D Bentham; 2 GC Taylor. Three large eggs, different colours: 1 GC Taylor; 2 N&E Horrocks. Six eggs, any colour Large/Bantam: 1 GC Taylor; 2 D Bentham; 3 G Thornton. Six large Fowl, any one colour: 1 GC Taylor; 2 N&E Horrocks; 3 D Bentham. Six Waterfowl, any one colour: 1 GC Taylor; 2 C Bennett.

Home Industries. Handicrafts. Any article, cross stitch: 1 Kay Pritchard; 2 Jean Whitehead; 3 Jane Lindley. Any embroidery work: 1 Anne Hunter; 2 Doreen Oxley; 3 Doreen Preece. A doorstop, any fabric: 1 Janet Ferguson; 2 Vicky Cowburn. Bag, any medium, not kit: 1 Ann Hunter; 2&3 S Carruthers. Piece of home-made jewellery: 1,2&3 Frances Bowers. Greeting card, any medium: 1&2 N Mason; 3 Frances Bowers. Scarf, any medium: 1 K Helme; 2 Donna Earl; 3 J Wharton. Knitted article - Adult: 1 S Gibbs; 2 Irene Allen; 3 G Hoyle. Child: 1 K Helme; 2 Gill Hoyle; 3 Gillian Robinson, Gill Hoyle. Soft toy, any medium: 1 Gillian Robinson; 2 Jessica Smith; 3 Rachel Blocksidge. Pin cushion, any medium: 1 B Prickett; 2 Doreen Preece; 3 K Kingsley-Chase. Lace, any article: 1 K Kingsley-Chase; 2 Rachel Blocksidge; 3 H Wilkins. Wall hanging: 1 A Hensby; 2 S Dixon; 3 A Hunter. Crochet, any article: 1&2 A Wiggins; 3 H Onions. Quilted, patchwork or appliqué article: 1 S Dixon; 2 Vicky Cowburn; 3 S Matlow. Festive decoration: 1 S Tetlow; 2 Rachel Blocksidge; 3 Anne Hunter, Rachel Blocksidge. An article, something new from something old: 1 J Stephenson; 2 S Carruthers; 3 J Ferguson. Cushion: 1 Gillian Robinson; 2 Doreen Preece; 3 D Earl. Any article not specified: 1 Anne Hunter; 2 Betty Prickett; 3 S Tetlow.

Art. Painted picture - Oils: 1 K Hayhurst; 2 Miss C Head. Water colours: 1&2 Rosie Nutter; 2 Tristan Scott-Hallam. Picture, any medium: 1 Trish Ainsworth; 2 Frances Bowers; 3 Miss C Head. Mounted coloured photo, subject Old Building: 1 N Mason; 2&3 Chris Hoyle. Black & White print, any subject: 1 C Denny; 2 Frances Bowers; 3 Chris Hoyle. Mounted coloured photo, any subject, amusing caption: 1 N Prickett; 2 Keith Tomey; 3 Frances Bowers. Children’s handicrafts (under 16yrs). Collage, any material: 1 Noah Huntington; 2 Elizabeth Swainson; 3 Henry Huntington. Decorated wooden spoon: 1 Ted Mason; 2 Maddy Watson; 3 Josie Waller. Handwork - hard material: 1 Henry Huntington; 2 Elizabeth Swainson; 3 Ethan Mason, Ted Mason. Soft material, under 11yrs: 1 Kara Woods; 2 Maddy Watson; 3 Beatrice Sharpe. Soft material, under 16yrs: 1 Annie Bowers. Decorated stone under 16yrs: 1 Honey Prickett; 2 Lucy Kirkby; 3 Maddy Watson. Art. Under 10yrs - Mask: 1 Harry Mason; 2 Zac Cliff; 3 Clara May Hones, Elizabeth Swainson. Decorated paper plate: 1 Harry Mason; 2 Elizabeth Swainson; 3 Tyson Cliff. Decorated letter of the alphabet: 1 Lucy Kirkby; 2 Josie Waller; 3 Elizabeth Swainson. Edible necklace: 1 Elizabeth Swainson; 2 Tillie Wilson; 3 Kitty Wilson. Picture drawn or painted, any medium: 1 Ted Mason; 2 Ellen Metcalfe; 3 Joshua Kirkby.

Under 16yrs - Decorated bookmark: 1 Elizabeth Swainson; 2 Clara May Jones; 3 Maddy Watson. Envelope address to home industries secretary: 1 Honey Prickett; 2 Ellen Metcalfe; 3 Elizabeth Swainson. Animal made from fruit or vegetables: 1 Richard Prickett; 2 Georgia Holmes; 3 Zac Cliff, Joshua Kirkby. Picture drawn or painted, any medium: 1 Kara Woods; 2 Caitlin Scott-Hallam; 3 Noah Huntington. Birthday card: 1 Lucy Kirkby; 2 Georgia Holmes; 3 Jack Huntington. Handmade scarecrow in plant pot: 1 Elizabeth Swainson; 2 Jack Huntington; 3 Harry Mason, Noah Huntington. Decorated hard-boiled egg: 1 Harry Mason; 2 Elizabeth Swainson; 3 Zac Cliff. Colour photo – any subject: 1 Honey Prickett; 2 Henry Huntington; 3 Elizabeth Swainson. Floral art. Juniors. Miniature scene on a plate: 1 Erin Hazlett; 2 Lucy Kirkby; 3 Joel Hazlett. Arrangement, a buttonhole: 1 Charlotte Thompson; 2 Elizabeth Swainson; 3 Clara May Jones. An arrangement using a cup and saucer: 1 Charlotte Thompson; 2 Honey Prickett; 3 Elizabeth Swainson.

Floral Art, Adults. Table arrangement (to be viewed all round): 1 J Ferguson; 2 H Lawson; 3 K Hodgson. Arrangement celebrating Queen’s 90th birthday: 1 H Lawson; 2 K Hodgson. Ladies shoulder spray: 1 H Lawson; 2 K Hodgson. Arrangement with a candle: 1 K Hodgson; 2 J woods; 3 H Lawson.

Roots & Cut Flowers. Four white kidney potatoes: 1 Emily Sapsford. Four white round potatoes: 1&2 H Beechan; 3 ME Brown. Four coloured potatoes: 1&2 H Beechan; 3 TE Nelson. Cabbage with roots: 1 TE Nelson. Four onions, under 8oz, grown from sets: 1 J Maddock. 2 A Gibbs; 3 Karen Hodgson. Three beetroot: 1 A Gibbs; 2 Helen Towers; 3 Karen Hodgson. Four tomatoes: 1&2 J Maddock; 3 J Wharton. 1&3 J Maddock. 2 Helen Towers. Four broad beans: 1&3 J Maddock; 2 Helen Towers. Longest stick of rhubarb: 1 Paul Smith; 2&3 Helen Towers. Lettuce with roots: 1&3 Helen Towers; 2 Emily Sapsford. Four carrots with tops: 1 J Maddock. Cucumber: 1&2 J Maddock; 3 H Beechan. Four pods of peas: 1 Gemma Mason; 2 Karen Hodgson; 3 A Huntington. Pot plant: 1&3 Gillian Robinson; 2 H Beechan. Six stems of sweet peas: 1&2 ME Brown; 3 H Beechan. Three Dahlias - Cacti: 1 ME Brown; 2 E Gillibrand. Pom pom: 1&2 ME Brown. Decorative: 1 ME Brown; 2 E Gillibrand; 3 Gemma Mason. Three phlox: 1 ME Brown; 2 Gemma Mason; 3 Karen Hodgson. Four pansy blooms: 1 ME Brown; 2 Karen Hodgson. Six hosta leaves: 1 Paul Smith 2 Emily Sapsford; 3 Gillian Robinson. Bowl of mixed flowers: 2 Mary Smith.

Produce. Loaf - White bread: 1 Annie Bowers; 2 Jessica Smith; 3 John Schofield; Brown or wholemeal bread: 1 John Schofield; 2 Paul Smith. Fruit cake: 1 V Metcalfe; 2 Rebecca Wiper; 3 D Huntington. Tea load, suitable for buttering: 1 V Metcalfe; 2 Val Lawson; 3 Rachael Fell. Sweet in wine glass: 1 C Hudson; 2 E Newton; 3 H Murrey. Sponge cake, no filling: 1 C Hudson; 2 V Lawson; 3 Gillian Lawson. Four ginger biscuits: 1 Emily Sapsford; 2 Gillian Robinson; 3 DH Nelson. Four muffins: 1 V Lawson; 2 I Cafferty; 3 D Huntington. Four pieces of cooked tray bake: 1 Emily Sapsford; 2 Gillian Robinson; 3 Rebecca Wiper. Victoria sandwich: 1 V Lawson; 2 V Metcalfe; 3 Chris Hoyle. Four pieces chocolate brownie: 1 C Newton; 2 V Pool; 3 Emily Sapsford. Six pieces shortbread: 1 Gillian Robinson; 2 Emily Sapsford; 3 V Lawson. Four fruit scones: 1 J Merritt; 2 V Metcalfe; 3 V Poole. Sausage plait: 1 Sarah Ross; 2 Gillian Robinson; 3 V Lawson. Apple pie: 1 Sandra Warton; 2 V Lawson; 3 V Metcalfe. Jar of Jam - Raspberry: 1 G Gibbs; 2 B Taylor; 3 V Lawson. Strawberry: 1 B Taylor; 2 V Lawson; 3 G Gibbs. Blackcurrant: 1 B Taylor; 2 V Lawson; 3 Sandra Warton. Jar of lemon curd: 1 V Lawson; 2 C Hudson; 3 V Metcalfe. Jar of chutney: 1 J Ferguson; 2 Emily Sapsford; 3 E Mason. Dish of rum butter: 1 C Denny; 2 Gillian Robinson; 3 B Taylor. Four jam tarts: 1 Gayle Denny; 2 V Lawson; 3 DH Nelson. Gingerbread: 1 V Metcalfe; 2 DH Nelson; 3 B Taylor. Chocolate cake, with filling: 1 I Cafferty; 2 V Lawson; 3 DH Nelson. Lemon drizzle cake: 1 Emma Hillary; 2 Annie Bowers; 3 V Lawson. Bottle of home-made liqueur: 1 Emily Sapsford; 2 Rebecca Wiper.

Children’s Classes (under 16yrs). Dish of chocolate truffles: 1 Charlotte Thompson; 2 Beatrice Sharpe. Four small cakes, decorated: 1 Charlotte Thompson; 2 Amy Huntington; 3 Harry Mason. Two gingerbread men: 1 Charlotte Thompson; 2 Viola Sharp. Layered jellies in a jam jar: 1&2 Kelly Armor; 3 James Armor. Four pieces of shortbread: 1 Rachael Fell; 2 Amy Huntington; 3 Charlotte Thompson. Four pieces of uncooked tray bake: 1 Charlotte Thompson; 2 Rachael Fell, Zac Cliff. Four fruit scones: 1 Charlotte Thompson; 2 Amy Huntington. Pizza, no more than 6ins: 1 Kelly Armer; 2 Elizabeth Swainson; 3 Charlotte Thompson.