KEEN gardener Maureen Robinson was somebody who always thought of others and was described by her husband as a 'caring' woman.

Even when she was in the last few weeks of her life, Mrs Robinson was thinking about the wellbeing of Hospice at Home nurses who were looking after her.

"I had instructions," Mrs Robinson's husband, Jim, recalled. "I had to take tea bags and coffee, some to Lancaster and some to Kendal, to the nurses because they'd told her they had to purchase their own tea and coffee. That was typical of her."

Mrs Robinson, who passed away aged 76, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in March 2015. Although an operation and treatment initially went well, by February 2016 the cancer had come back.

"I think we realised she didn't have long but we didn't know how long. It was quite quick in the end," said Mr Robinson.

Along with the Macmillan and district nurses, the Hospice at Home team made sure that Mrs Robinson was comfortable.

"She received, I would say, the best possible care," Mr Robinson said. "I was worried at home she wouldn't get the care she needed but I think they were all absolutely marvellous.

"It was what she wanted, it was her wish. They were very good. At first it felt very strange but they soon put me at ease

"Once I could see what they were doing - looking after her - it was absolutely fine."

The couple lived at Endmoor, where Mr Robinson has spent his whole life. They were married for 35 years, having met through work - both were managers at Co-op stores and in their spare time were committed to their vegetable patches.

"I like gardening," Mr Robinson said, talking about their shared hobby. "So, yes, we used to go to shows, vegetable shows. It was our life, really."

Mrs Robinson sat on the committee of the Westmorland Horticultural Society and the committee of the northern branch of the National Vegetable Society.

After three weeks of care at home, Mrs Robinson passed away on April 27. Although Jim had his reservations about Hospice at Home, he felt he did the right thing for his wife.

"Once I saw what they were doing I was okay with it - it was the right thing, definitely.

"I am very grateful [to the nurses] and Maureen was, too."

If you or your family has been helped by a Hospice at Home nurse and would like to share your story, please contact Sara Royle on 01539 790260 or email