A landlord who is defying the smoking ban is on the brink of prosecution and customers who continue to light up at his pub could shortly be issued with on-the-spot fines.

Hamish Howitt, of the Happy Scots Bar, Rigby Road, claims he will not pay any fines issued against him and is prepared to challenge the ban in court.

He has been openly defying the ban since its inception on Sunday and council officials have confirmed the pub is the only one in the borough that is flouting the new legislation.

Tim Coglan, head of quality standards at Blackpool Council said officers visited premises last weekend with the Happy Scots the only one to be issued with a warning.

He added: "Anyone found smoking on the premises is likely to be issued with a fixed penaly notice of £50. We are approaching smoke-free enforcement in a non-confrontational way, but if attempts to encourage compliance do not succeed it could result in prosecution and a possible loss of licence for offenders."

However Mr Howitt, says he is quite is quite happy to get locked up by defying the ban.

He said: "I suppose they are going to come after me but I believe I'm just standing up for what is right.

"I won't be stopping my customers smoking. I will go to jail if I have to, and I will go gladly."

l To mark the start of the ban, Houndshill Shopping Centre organised a No Smoking Awareness Day. Look-alikes from TV show Absolutely Fabulous characters Patsy and Edina handed out information to shoppers on how to give up smoking.