Despite many requests to do so most sitting and potential County council councillors have not publicly expressed their position on the issue of medicating Cumbrians through their water supply.

Adding an inadequately researched chemical to drinking water without knowing the long-term health implications of that action is an issue that affects all Cumbrians and needs consideration before the coming elections

Currently Cumbria County Council authorises and uses public health money to fluoridate the communities of West Cumbria. This will not change unless there is a justifiable public outcry and one of the best ways that can be achieved is through the current election process.

The only political party that has made a commitment on their election leaflets to stop water fluoridation in Cumbria is the Green Party.

You can learn more about the accumulation of this chemical in your body at our website.

Please ask your local county council candidates their position on water fluoridation and raise your concerns with them.

Dianne Standen

Secretary, Fluoride Free Cumbria