A TETRAPLEGIC Grasmere man has raised thousands of pounds for a spinal injury charity by ascending Snowdon with the help of friends and a specially adapted chair.

Will Clark took on the challenge for Back-Up Trust, who helped him after he was paralysed in a cycling accident. His effort, which he called 'Get Will Up a Hill', has raised over £7,500 so far. The original target was £5,000.

The event, which saw 13 different teams make it up and down the hill for the charity, raised £72,000 in total.


Will said: "It was a really impressive day. It was a lot more challenging than we first thought. It was quite daunting as we got near the top, as there were big drops to each side.

"As we approached the summit there were problems with the suspension. We lost a bolt while we were on the ridge, which was not a good place to have to stop. It was a big worry, especially at first, when I thought the welding was going.

"We made it to the top, and managed to find a bolt that fit in the front suspension from elsewhere ion the chair.

"Overall it was a great day. We were one of the only teams that made it back to the bottom in one group. A lot of the others were spilt up as they were going for speed, but we just wanted to enjoy the day.

"It was exhausting for both me and the team pushing me up. I found myself really hitting the bumps on the way down. It was a rough ride."

The challenge took Will and his team five and a half hours, including the hour they spent at the summit.

Will added: "It was great to be back up on one of the biggest mountains in the UK. We all had a great time.

"The money raised by all the groups is enough to fund three of the courses the Back-Up Trust runs, with no additional money needing to be raised. It means people will have the opportunity to take part in these potentially life-changing courses."

The group hopes to tackle Helvellyn in the future to raise more money for charity.

The Back-Up Trust is a charity that helps those who suffer spinal injury. It offers courses, advice and activities.