THE first images giving an 'acccurate representation' at the controversial Thirlmere zip wire plans have been released.

Treetop Trek Ltd announced plans in July for a new activity hub in the managed forestry around the lake, which includes two zip line experiences.

The company started local consultation to discuss and review the potential scheme in July and had more than 2,000 responses.

Treetop Trek has said that the 'majority' of those who provided feedback were in favour of the scheme.

However, the Friends of the Lake District and members of a Facebook page called 'Zip Off' raised concerns about the visual impact that the zip lines would have.

Writing on Zip Off, Boyd Taylor said that he loved the Lake District and had enjoyed zip wires in a number of places but thought the two were incompatible.

"They create noise and distractions and have no place in this National Park," he wrote. "The views of Thirlmere from any angle are superb, and the construction of zip lines across the lake and the accompanying infrastructure would be, to paraphrase Prince Charles, 'Like a monstrous carbuncle on the face of a much loved and elegant friend'."

In order to respond to those concerned, Treetop Trek commissioned local landscape architect and 3D expert Ian Ibbotson to create an accurate representation of what the zip lines would look like from the nearest possible viewpoints

Mike Turner, managing director of Treetop Trek Ltd said: "We value the feedback we have received during the consultation process and thank everyone who contributed for taking the time to do so."

Treetop Trek, which launched its first attraction in Windermere in 2012, has said that the visual impact of the zip wires is so minimal that from just a few hundred metres away it is necessary to zoom in 500x to actually see the zip lines with participants on them.

"This is an incredibly carefully considered proposal and we have spent over three years studying this site and its suitability. We are pleased with the emerging application and are eager to see what the future holds," Mr Turner said.

It is anticipated that the proposed activity hub, which would also include a cycle track, would create 53 local jobs and generate an extra £600,000 spent in the local economy every year.