AS YOUR child grows they will start to ask questions. This is usually a sign they are ready to learn and is an opportunity teach them something new.

This is where we use incidental teaching and it is an effective way to help your little one to think for themselves too.

It can be very easy to fall into the trap of giving the answer to your child. They might ask you, "What colour is it?" This is your opportunity to develop the learning that is taking place by answering “That is green, what else is green?” Your child can look around them and point out what they can see that is also green.

While helping your child with their vocabulary, it is important to keep their self-esteem high. If they mispronounce a word, don’t jump in to correct them, simply repeat the word the way it should be pronounced. The more they hear the word pronounced correctly the more effective the learning will be.

Talking to your child about the world around them is a fantastic way to help with increasing word power and number recognition. Count numbers on doors on the way to school, take note of the bus that passes the house at the same time every day. These are all fine examples of incidental teaching.

Remember to keep things fun and light-hearted. Your little one will get there in their own time. We all have our own unique learning journey, and remember you are the most powerful teacher your child will ever have.

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