A WARNING about the perils of DIY roof repairs in autumn and winter is being given by a professional roofing company.

Around 100 people die and hundreds more are injured each year in the UK after falling from or through a rooftop, says JTC Roofing.

The Leicestershire-based company says a significant number are homeowners trying to fix a loose slate or find the source of a leak,

It is calling on the government to protect the public by making it illegal for homeowners to venture onto their own roofs without professional help.

The company's experts say much of the UK’s housing stock consists of properties with ageing roofs prone to suffering perished slates and tiles.

They have written to housing minister Alok Sharma asking for a change to the law to prevent home owners taking the matter into their own hands.

"Any fall from the roof of a house is likely to result in a serious injury or death so it is vitally important that all homeowners are made aware that they are literally dicing with death when they decide to go up on the roof," said a spokesman for JTC Roofing.

"The most common reason why people venture onto their roof is to locate the source of a rain water leak which has come through the loft and seeped in through an upstairs ceiling.

"Most DIY enthusiasts fail to realise the location of the leak inside the house is not a reliable indicator of where the water has come in through the roof.

"Most think if they can climb up on the roof immediately above where the leak came through the ceiling they will be able to spot an obvious hole or a missing slate.

"But the reality is the water can migrate several metres within the loft, running down the underside of the roof, across joists and beams and then down through the ceiling into a totally different part of the house."

The company is urging people to call in a professional roofer rather than risking the dangers of DIY.