IT SEEMS to me that when one reaches a certain age and is known as ‘retired,’ people can write one off as being beyond doing anything new or useful. Certainly, for myself and my husband, it wasn’t until we reached our older years that we were free to experience a whole new direction for our lives: an opportunity to go and work at a Church of Uganda Mission Hospital.

Sensing God’s hand in it and wanting to be obedient to Him, we ‘bit the bullet’ and went, not knowing what was in store, but assured that God would be with us. My husband’s role as the hospital finance manager was difficult and came with many frustrations. My role was making curtains for the new children’s ward. The experience reinforced our belief that whatever one’s skills, God can use them.

That was 15 years ago. We continue spending some time in Uganda and it continues to be a tremendous privilege to work in partnership with our Ugandan friends. Over the years our skills have been stretched and new ones added, again, reinforcing our belief that God provides the skills needed at the right time.

It is not appropriate or desirable that all Christians should serve overseas, but it is imperative that Christians should be obedient to God’s call to serve Him wherever and in whatever way that might be.

Grab the opportunities God gives you. His purpose is to bless and you are unique (Jeremiah Ch.29 v 11).

Doreen Wadsworth, St Peter’s Church, Heversham