ARTIST and musician Kerry McKenna brings the magic and mystery of her slate paintings to the Gallery on the Green in Settle.

Since it opened nine years ago the gallery, which is housed in a former BT telephone box and is thought to be one of the world’s smallest art gallery, has featured local, national and international artists across a range of genres.

The spring exhibition at the Settle gallery featuring Kerry's artwork will run from this Sunday to Friday, March 23.

"In featuring slate paintings we have added to the range of artistic works featured in the gallery," said Mike Smith, spokesman for Gallery on the Green.

Kerry was born in Wales but now lives with her family near Avebury in Marlborough Wiltshire, the famous village that is inside an ancient stone circle.

Many people have been drawn to Avebury with its magical qualities and Kerry, being one, specifically likes to paint magical mystical scenes on to pieces of slate.

Her husband Tom collects, cleans and cuts the slates into shapes ready for Kerry to paint.

Kerry holds Art On Slate workshops teaching the techniques of slate painting.

Although much of her artwork features painting on slates, Kerry also paints on canvas and musical instruments, such as violins, guitars and cellos, and she does wall murals.

In addition to the magic-inspired scenes on show in the Settle exhibition, Kerry paints commissions for people in many countries, especially the USA and Canada.

The multi-talented Kerry is also a singer songwriter / musician and has written and produced four albums of music for Diviniti publishers.

She has also written a play concerning the plights of forests.

For more about Kerry visit her website at