Graham Fellows: Brewery Arts Centre

Graham Fellows' best-known creation is John Shuttleworth, the former security guard from Yorkshire whose gentle musings on life have won him legions of fans over the past few years.

But for his latest tour - titled Completely Out Of Character - Fellows appears on stage as himself, talking about his life and career, interspersed with songs he has written over the years.

It makes for an interesting and engaging evening. We learn of his time studying drama at Manchester Polytechnic, where he wrote teenage break-up song Jilted John, which became a number four hit in 1978. He appeared on Top of the Pops, where he described meeting The Jam and Debbie Harry and, in a line reminiscent of Mr Shuttleworth, standing at a urinal next to the bass player from Renaissance.

Graham is a serious songwriter in his own right and I particularly liked his nostalgic song about an old tape recording he found featuring the sounds of a day in the garden in his childhood and a song about his sister called Skin Bird.

And, of course, there were 'interruptions' from John Shuttleworth, Ken Worthington and his other characters which were great fun.