A MUSICAL Year Four pupil at Milnthorpe Primary School got a shock after receiving a new guitar and lessons thanks to a retired teacher's generous gift.

Rosalie Garner, a former music teacher from Wigan, first visited Milnthorpe when she was nine-years-old to holiday with her parents and auntie at a cottage on Police Square, which Rosalie still owns.

She fell in love with the village and has generously offered an annual donation of £1,000 towards music at the village school.

Each year the school decides which pupil the is most deserving to receive The Gaskell Award, in memory of Rosalie's mother and auntie.

Rosalie visited the school on Friday and handed over the award to a grateful Rhyley Beeston to rapturous applause.

He said: "This is totally unexpected. I love playing the guitar and singing too, but don't ask me to do a concert - I'm too shy".

The rest of the money will be used to fund music activities in school, including free flute lessons for each child when they go into Year Four, and new ukuleles for all pupils when they are in Year Six.