AN ENDMOOR man who ‘makes dreams a reality’ with his trekking agency has been a key figure in the creation of the latest Lonely Planet Nepal guide.

Mark Knowles, founder of Snow Cat Travel, was tasked with ensuring the travel guide author could visit more than 300 locations throughout Nepal in under four weeks and providing full logistical support.

Mark, who founded the business a year ago, said that it was an almost impossible task but one that he could not turn down.

“We knew from the outset that this was a very demanding, complex schedule,” he said. “But, we also have our own ‘secret weapon’, Abhi Shrestha the operations manager for Snow Cat Travel. Abhi’s in-depth knowledge and experience in ‘all things Nepal’ is unrivalled and in this case was invaluable too.

“Not only did Abhi ‘make it all happen’ in Nepal for Paul from Lonely Planet, he helped out with the almost unfathomable ‘transport in Nepal section’ for the guide book too.”

Attractions, accommodations and restaurants all needed to be checked out by author Paul Stiles, so secrecy was key to ensure that reviews were fair.

“We’re certainly not going to reveal the details as to how Lonely Planet go about things,” said Mark. “All we can say is that it is very professional and painstakingly thorough. Paul from Lonely Planet was most definitely not on holiday.”

Mr Knowles, 55, set up Snow Cat Travel a year ago, following a brief break from work due to ill health and 20 years working in adventure travel.

“I grew up in west Cumbria where at one time there was not the M6 or A66 and getting beyond Keswick was a challenge,” he said. “It was a fascination that there’s a whole world out there.

“Given that Penrith was an expedition in those days, these distant lands fired young childhood imaginations.”

Mr Knowles is now working on something with a TV production company which is filming a new Nepal-based show with a well-known name. However, he is obliged to keep tight-lipped on the details for now.

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