A COLD snap in the form of the recent mini-'beast from the east' could not deter young farmers in Settle from rising to the various challenges of their annual 'hedging and walling' competition.

The walling contest was hosted by the Bland family of Kirby Malham and the hedging by David Wellock, of Hurries Farm at Otterburn, while indoor events were held at Kirby Malham Village Hall.

These included decorating an Easter cake and painting a picture. A pie and peas lunch was provided by Coniston Cold Young Farmers, who hosted the event.

Results were: Hedging - Junior 1st Edward Bradley Rathmell.

Gapping - 1st Jack Walker Coniston 2nd Isaac Booth Rathmell 3rd Richard Bradley Rathmell. Walling - Junior 1st Luke Harrison Rathmell 2nd Charlie Metcalfe Burton 3rd Sam Dawson Coniston 4th Elliot Belt Rathmell. Intermediate - Simon Morphet Burton. Senior - 1st James Hodkinson, Burton 2nd Will Throup Coniston. Indoor Competition - Girls 10-13, carve a bar of soap 1st Charlotte Booth Rathmell 2nd Mary Throup Coniston, 14-16 make a ladies' buttonhole 1st Alice Walton Coniston

17-21 Paint a picture 1st Hannah Saxby Coniston 2nd Gemma Darwin Coniston 3rd Ellie Saxby Coniston 22-26 Decorate an Easter Cake 1st Ella Hodkinson Burton 2nd Anna Booth Rathmell 3rd Zoe Morphet Joint 4th Sarah Jane Haggas and Megan Thomas Coniston. Indoor Boys 10-13 create a fruit and vegetable and animal 1st William Barker Coniston 14-16 carve a Thermlite block 1st Sam Emmott 2nd Thomas Darwin 3rd Callum Walton all Coniston. 17-26 decorated bucket 1st Phil Morphet Burton. Overall outdoor points - joint 1st Burton and Rathmell 14 points 3rd Coniston 11 points. Overall indoor points -1st Coniston 31 points 2nd Burton 10 points 3rd Rathmell 7 points. Overall points 1st Coniston 24 points 2nd Burton points 24 3rd Rathmell 21 points.