AN EXHAUSTED cyclist suffering from mild hypothermia was aided by Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) on Sunday (April 15).

The 28-year-old man was found by two passing doctors at around 2pm on the path above Keppel Cove dam.

A spokesperson for Patterdale MRT said: "Two passing GPs whilst out walking, had come across the exhausted cyclist who was also suffering from a case of severe cramp, the weather was cold and wet and the 28-year-old male was starting to get mildly hypothermic, they gave him food, drink and their spare clothing and stayed with the man until the team arrived."

The team assessed the casualty and stretchered him off the fell to the waiting Land Rover ambulance.

The spokesperson said: "Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team would like to thank the two passing Doctors for their assistance with this rescue."