A MOTORCYCLIST who reached speeds of up to 125mph on the A65 in North Craven in his efforts to escape pursuing police officers, will be sentenced at crown court.

William Daniel Wark, 24, who was riding a Kawasaki Zephyr 750, went through a police speed check at Clapham at 111mph - 51mph above the road's 60mph speed limit - at just before 3pm on April 21, Skipton Magistrates Court was told on Friday.

The traffic officer pulled out to follow the motorcyclist, but despite turning on his siren and lights and calling for assistance, Wark failed to stop and even speeded up, the court heard.

An HGV was forced to brake hard to avoid a collision, Wark took bends at speeds of about 90mph, and he passed through the hamlet of Newby, near Ingleton, at more than 100mph, the court heard.

The officer finally called off the pursuit believing it was potentially putting other road users in danger, and after he narrowly missed two oncoming vehicles, the court was told.

Prosecutor, Melanie Ibbotson, told the court there had been prolonged bad driving at excessive speed between Clapham and Ingleton which had put other road users at risk.

At the start of the pursuit, the traffic officer contacted force control and other areas that he was initiating a TPAC - Tactical Pursuit and Contained - the method used by police when following vehicles they want to stop.

Wark approached junctions at speed, and went round a left hand bend at 105 mph. There were a number of vehicles around at the time and Wark appeared to be unsteady and not confident on the bike, said Miss Ibbotson. 

The officer gained ground on Wark, but he sped up again, passing through Newby at 106 mph.

He repeatedly crossed over double white lines and on one occasion overtook a vehicle on a bend, narrowly missing two oncoming cars.

Police later went to the address of the registered keeper of the motorcycle where Wark was arrested.
Wark, of Pontefract Road, Pontefract, Wakefield, a man of previous good character, admitted dangerous driving and was sent to Bradford Crown Court for sentencing on June 8. Magistrates imposed an interim ban of six months.