I WAS saying to my good lady that you can only imagine the number of letters that will be flooding into The Westmorland Gazette about how the fair has suddenly pitched up on the New Road improvements site at Kendal. As part of that flood, here are my comments.

Driving past it over the last week, I thought the landscaping was a great improvement on the eyesore of a 'car park'. During the now well-documented controversy that surrounded the improvements, I seem to remember that the fair was to be relocated to Gooseholme and as part of that decision I would guess, and it is only a wild stab in the dark guess, that the landscaping wasn’t designed to take any traffic, let alone heavy weight trucks and that it was for the enjoyment of those having picnics, walking dogs etc.

I would also guess that, as a result of the trucks and the weight they impart, the ground will be compacted, the drainage will be consequently appalling and South Lakeland District Council will have to explain why they spent circa £500,000 on the improvements only to have it potentially ruined within a week of opening.

Paul Want