A KENDAL farmer has spoken of the benefits he has experienced through organic farming, and how it provides answers to environmental and health concerns.

Richard Park produces more than one million litres of milk each year from Low Sizergh Farm. He has explained why he prefers the organic market.

He said: “The organic market is a front runner - providing reassurance that the food has been farmed and retailed to a verified standard.

“It also addresses consumer concerns about the conditions in which farm animals are reared, the environmental impacts of food production, and the effect on public health.

“Animal welfare is at the heart of the organic system. On our farm, the cows graze on species-rich grass and there’s plenty of proof that they can play a huge role in improving both the land and our diets.”

Last year, Richard trained in holistic farm management. By changing his approach to grazing and herd management, he can encourage and maintain a diverse plant population and have a healthy, biologically active soil that provides nutrients for plants, the animals that feed on them, and the people enjoying the food those animals produce.

Richard first converted to organic farming and milk production in 2002, but by 2010 he stopped as the price crashed due to oversupply .

“So what’s different in 2018?” he said. There’s growing consumer pressure for good food, produced well, and with no cost to the environment.

“It will take two years for us to become properly certified as an organic milk producer.

“Local and organic produce connects people to those of us employed in the production of their food, the welfare of the animals and the natural environment, while providing a sustainable living for farmers.”