The MAIN assets Kendal have are, its location, set among hills, the castle, and the river flowing through the town. We should make the most of them. Since moving to Kendal in 1993 I have been dismayed that the area of riverbank nearest the town centre, which could have been an asset to the town has been a disgrace and an eyesore, situated at the side of the one-way system, that we all have to see as we drive by.

Commons are meant to be a green area for public enjoyment, recreation, for games, picnics, for maypole dancing etc, not a car park.

Now, instead of being an attractive public riverbank area for townsfolk and visitors to enjoy, some people want to turn it back into a car park. That seems a very short-sighted view.

As to free parking, how large do they think the free parking area should be. Why not make it twice or three times as much? Logically why not make all the car parks free?

The fair did make a mess but mainly because the area was soft, it had recently been dug up, levelled and planted, and had had no time to become firm and consolidated. People were soon back enjoying ‘the common’.

I am glad the council had the vision to show what could be; a delightful green and pleasant public area at the edge of town centre, overlooking the river and looking towards the castle. I hope it stays that way.

Peter Storey