FURNESS Coastguard has reminded members of the public of the 'hidden dangers' of the sands. 

The coastguard was called out at 1.54pm yesterday (Monday) to reports of a person stuck in the quick sands at Greenodd. 

Upon arrival a quick search began of the bay and estuary before an individual was spotted. 

The team quickly prepared the mud rescue kit while two of the team went to investigate further.


A spokesperson for Furness Coastguard said: "Fortunately the individual was safe and well. A false alarm with good intent.

"It’s an important reminder at this time of year when people are enjoying the best of what our area has to offer, that hidden dangers can exists, so please be aware of tide times when venturing out onto the sands and be mindful of sinking sands, especially in the Greenodd area.

"If you do get into difficulty and find yourself stuck, do not struggle further, spread your weight by sitting or lying down where possible and raise the alarm; call 999 and ask for Coastguard."