100 YEARS AGO - 1918

Kendal is now formally included in the towns whose mayors are asked to organise the collection of silver articles in aid of the British Red Cross as a mode of celebrating the silver wedding of the King and Queen. The date is fixed for July 6 and gifts will be received at the mayor's parlour.

50 YEARS AGO - 1963

Thunderstorms on Monday and Tuesday caused damage to many places in Lakeland and South Westmorland. Lightning struck trees, power lines and farm buildings. Flood waters halted road traffic and entered homes and business premises. At Crook lightning set fire to a storage building at Brow Head Farm.

25 YEARS AGO - 1993

A seven-year-old Kendal schoolboy reacted swiftly when his mother collapsed suddenly while ironing in the kitchen of their Grasmere Crescent home. Quick-thinking Alistair Graham sprang into action and summoned help by dialling 999 before gathering together his two younger brothers to march them across the road to a neighbour's house.