CLAPHAM'S Cave Rescue Organisation (CRO) were called to aid a walker who had fallen on the Waterfalls Trail. 

Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) requested the team's assistance on Friday (July 6) at 2.29pm. 

The walker had fallen while on the Waterfalls Trail in the Thornton Force area. 

A spokesperson for CRO said: "The injured person was eventually found near Pecca Falls, being assisted back to the car park by a companion, as YAS had told them an ambulance would not be available for 4 hours.

The casualty was assessed, and escorted to a team vehicle at Tom’s Cabin. They were then conveyed back to their own vehicle at the Waterfalls car park, where the companion was able to convey them to hospital for assessment.

"As team members made their way back to their vehicle, they came across piles of litter left near Thornton Falls," said the CRO spokesperson. "This was collected and taken for disposal. Please, enjoy our beautiful area by all means, but take your rubbish back home with you, rather than relying on others to clean up after you!"