SOUTH Lakes MP Tim Farron has passed his 100,000th case - a milestone he believes makes his office the hardest working in Parliament.

Mr Farron, who took office in the Westmorland and Lonsdale constituency in 2005, has taken on 100,000 individual causes brought to him by constituents.

These have included anything ranging from bringing up a topic in Parliament to sustained campaigns to enable families in need secure funding.

Mr Farron said: “Anybody who gets in touch with me for help - that’s a case. Whether it involves writing 100 letters, or just asking one question, each one is one piece of casework.

“Last week we passed the milestone where we had taken on 100,000 pieces of casework.

“I believe it is the most important part of my job. The job of an MP is what you make of it, and I chose to make it my job to stand alongside people who need it.

“It is about service and making the lives of people in difficult circumstances a little bit better, if I can.

“And I have asked around and I think this means we are the office that has done the most.”

One family that Mr Farron has helped is that of Gary Rowlands and Clare Millington, of Holme.

Their twins Pip and Alix, both 18, were born with a global genetic disability which effects them in their learning and medically.

Mrs Millington said: “When the twins had just turned 18, the support we got from social services was just cut off without any explanation.

“We were then told that we had to wait until we were supplied with a package to care for them as adults.

“We rang Tim Farron’s office and they were in touch helping us within 15 minutes. It was amazing.

“They made some phone calls and made sure that the support we received when the twins were children would continue until the adult package was in place.

“It has had a huge positive impact on our family. It would have been a huge financial burden to not have that support.”

Keith Thompson, from Grasmere, has also been helped by the MP’s office when he was struggling to get his wife Sue, who lost her mobility and communication functions following a stroke, home from hospital.

“My wife was ready for discharge from hospital in early January last year, but because the CCG had failed to agree to a care package for her at home, she was still stuck there in December last year.

“Tim Farron spoke to the people he needed to speak to and helped lean on the CCG and put pressure on them to provide the care plan.

“He also got involved later to ensure that we were provided with funding and the equipment Sue needs.

“I have never voted for anybody, but after seeing what Tim Farron has done for so many people he has gone right to the top of my list.”