IT COULD be disconcerting that World Heritage Watch (WHW) is using threatening tones to our national park regarding their management of our piece of England (Gazette, August 16, 'Call for 4x4s ban in Lakes').

It is disconcerting that it is not even a British organisation that is doing it.

The comments by Stephan Dompke, the chairman of WHW, about 4x4s causing damage may have some truth in them but when 4x4s are no longer legal on such routes, and inevitably this will happen, I suspect that there will still be plenty of damage caused by water falling out of the sky from the more frequent cloudbursts that global warming is giving us.

When an area gains World Heritage Site status, no longer is it our national park but international ownership is claimed and we get interference from afar. Sounds a bit familiar to me and part of the reason why we, rightly or wrongly, voted to leave the EU.

By the way I have never driven a 4x4 over the Langdale tracks, and never will, but I do not have a blinkered view that many seem to have, both at home and abroad, regarding such things.

Robert Wilson