It’s excellent that The Westmorland Gazette allows a platform for us all to air our views and opinions, whether that be World Heritage Site status or Boris’s burka comments.

My issue is neither political nor even specifically local – only the recent tendency to dispense with plates. This current trend has me completely baffled. Food served on boards and slates - excuse me?

Boards are for food chopping or preparation in the kitchen, or to walk upon. Slates go on roofs to keep out the weather.

Have I become so old fashioned, so out of touch? Aren’t plates designed, nay invented, to present and display food. They can even be warmed and (after mopping up the gravy), can be washed or placed in the dishwasher for cleanliness.

Boards and slates are impractical, clumsy, unhygienic and food doesn’t even stay within the designated confines! A waiter recently confided to me that she frequently breaks her finger nails trying to remove food slates from the table.

This is not unique to the trendy bistro-type establishments either. It now seems to be followed by some of the more traditional restaurants and ‘high end’ eateries.

I’m going to go against the flow and in the absence of a very reasonable explanation I am spearheading a personal crusade to bring back the good old fashioned plate please.

Barbara Street