I HOPE your readers will be able to help. The son of a World War Two Army Commando, I am a keen amateur researcher and archivist for the Commando Veterans Association (CVA).

My father served in No. 5 Commando in India and Burma and I have collected photographs of some of his commanding officers but one, so far, has evaded me, and I am very keen to add a photo of Charles Pollitt to the No 5 Cdo Album in the CVA's website gallery.

Lt Col Charles Jordan Bellingham Pollitt, OBE, MC, was a son of Kendal and had very close ties with The Westmorland Gazette.

Commissioned into The Border Regiment he volunteered for special duties and subsequently joined No 1 Commando, taking part in Operation Torch, North Africa, and in December 1942 Operation Bizerte, where they landed on a beach some 60 miles east of Tabarka.

He was awarded the MC 'for gallant and distinguishes services in North Africa'.

He later embarked with No 1 Commando for operations in the Far East. On September 12, 1944, the then Major Pollitt, MC, left No 1 Commando to take command of No 5 Commando. Major Pollitt was subsequently temporarily promoted Lieutenant Colonel.

On January 31, 1945 he was wounded in the knee during the last engagement at the Battle for Hill 170, and relinquished command of No5 Commando.

On January 10, 1946 it was announced that he had received a Mention in Dispatches for 'gallant and distinguished services in the field'.

In June 1946 it was announced that Lieutenant Colonel (temporary) Pollitt had been appointed OBE.

I would be most grateful if any of the late Charles Pollitt's family or friends would contact me or if any of your readers could put me in touch with any members of his family.

I can be contacted at no5cdo@aol.co.uk.

Nick Collins