TRAVEL company Expedia Group is working with local hoteliers across the Lake District and Cumbria to drive visitor demand to the region during the off-peak season.

Across the UK, July and August have long been the peak months for holidaymakers as inbound visitors look to take advantage of good weather and the school holidays.

Last year, the Lake District and Cumbria region saw a 20 per cent year on year increase demand in the third quarter of the year (July, August and September 2017) compared with the same period the year before.

Encouraged by a +10 per cent rise in demand during the winter months last year (October, November and December 2017), hoteliers in Cumbria and the Lake District are looking to extend the holiday season again well into October and November this year.

Irene Roberts, director of market management, UK & Ireland, Expedia Group, said: “The Lake District and Cumbria is a consistently popular destination for UK and holidaymakers. With strong growth in demand across the region last winter, we wanted to work closely with hoteliers to maximise the opportunity to extend their summer season again this year.

“With such a short, specific peak time over the summer, hoteliers could feel the impact of fewer guests during the colder months. We are working directly with our hotel partners to limit the impact of the off-season on revenue and, furthermore, to potentially drive occupancy figures, welcoming guests post-August.”

Expedia Group is offering some guidance to make sure hotels help increase demand and attract the attention of potential late-year travellers, concentrate on international travellers and consider package offerings.