THE family of Casey Leigh Sowerby, aged 19, who died in a fatal collision on A66, have released a tribute. 

Her family said: "As you no doubt already know, two days ago we lost our beautiful daughter.

"Not only did she have the beautiful outside (she got that from her mam) she was also beautiful on the inside. She was kind, considerate and caring and very rarely had a bad word to say about anyone.

"As for her sense of humour and personality, well those that knew her will tell you. She was like a beacon of light, any room she entered would glow, always a smile, always a laugh and she'd be at the centre of everything going on.

"She's the mischievous one. The one always looking to make you laugh, or be laughed at. 

"The pain that myself (father), her mam, her brother, grandparents and the rest of our family feel cannot be described.  The thought of never seeing her happy face again tears us apart.

"To think that we'll never see her become the successful woman she was destined to be, see her walk down the aisle and have the children which she loved is overpowering and I wouldn't wish these feelings on anyone.

"A part of me has been ripped away and I'm not sure I'll ever be the same man I was." 

The family would also like thank the messages they have recieved from the public.  "The messages received have cemented the fact of what a wonderful human being she was and the love from you all is appreciated greatly. We haven't got the strength or energy to reply to you all, but please know your kind words have been appreciated." 

"Sleep tight my gorgeous little princess we'll always love you and you'll always be in our hearts."