We have Donald Trump and his 'fake news', ranting on one side of the Atlantic and Boris Johnson and his Brexit Bus NHS claim (propaganda) ranting on this side of the pond.

We now have people writing in with 'fake news' to our esteemed Westmorland Gazette's letters pages.

Mr Studholme’s reference to an 'expert on European matters' who comments that 'the country was now in a crisis similar in magnitude to that in May 1940' has really made me doubt the veracity of what I was taught at school.

I could have sworn that in 1940 the UK was under attack through Nazi bombing campaigns and was involved in the Battle of Britain. I thought that tens of thousands of civilians and military personnel lost their lives.

For anyone to use a statement like that in their argument about a 'People’s Vote' on Brexit is insulting to all those who died.

I think that I need to go back to school to check my facts.

Mark Jackson

High Newton